Spouse profession in astrology

Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content. If you have the time and date of birth of a person, the predictions of future spouse can be made based on the following points: Study the 7 th house and the lord of the 7 th house Study planet Venus in case of men and Jupiter in case of women Study Upapada Lagna Study Darakaraka Do you know Astrology can save your Marriage? Study of 7 th house and Lord of 7 th House 7 th house is opposite to the Lagna 7 th house from Moon will predict the kind of partner we wish to have in our life.

Check for signs of 7 th house along with planets posted in 7 th house the position of the 7 th Lord from Rashi and Lagna.

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Placement of Sun in 7 th house predicts an ambitious, generous spouse but can be very dominating. Placement of Moon in 7 th house predicts a sentimental and emotional spouse blessed with beauty. This is a very auspicious placement.

How to know the would-be spouse's nature and career using Astrology

Placement of Mars in 7 th house predicts spouse with high energies which makes them full of aggression and very active on physical love. Placement of Jupiter in 7 th house predicts a spouse with strong character, ethical, loyal, highly educated and religious. Again a very good placement. Placement of Mercury in 7 th house predicts amicable, intelligent and smart partner who is also very beautiful or handsome.

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Placement of Venus in 7 th house predicts a gorgeous wife. It also forecasts luxury, comforts and romance. Known to be the best placement for a happily married life. Placement of Saturn in 7 th house foretells a hard working and dedicated spouse.


This often results in late marriage but then it promises a stable marital life. Expect a faithful partner who may not be very romantic. Placement of Rahu in 7 th house predicts spouse from a different country or an inter caste marriage. Presence of Ketu in 7 th house forecasts a spouse with a religious bent of mind. Study of Venus and Jupiter Venus is a significant planet when we talk of marriage.

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Spouse Profession in Astrology

Ask Now. We are always curious to know everything about our future life partner. In the modern world, it is important to find a partner who has a stable career. Astrology can predict what will be the profession of your future spouse. It can also guide you whether you should marry a businessman or a serviceman of private or government sector.

We need to check your seventh house and effects of planets on the ninth house to predict the career of your future husband because seventh house represents your life partner. However, effects of planet Jupiter, Venus and the seventh lord have to be checked in the Rashi chart and Navamsa chart to fully understand the profession.

Apart from these, fourth house and tenth house from the Upapada Lagna also needs to be checked. To check whether you should marry a settled businessman or not, we have to see the position of Mercury in your horoscope.

Seventh House in Astrology – Spouse & Marriage

From the significators decide the profession. In short, to find out whether one marries a career girl, the sub lord of the 4th cusp should be connected to or signifies either the 4th or the 8th or the 12th house or all the houses. Characteristics: Note the lord of the sign, star and sub where the 7th cusp has fallen. They indicate the characteristic of the first partner. The lord of the sign, star and sub where the cups of the second house falls indicate the characteristics of the second partner, if there are two marriages.

If the sub lord of the 7th cusp is neither Mars nor Venus nor Saturn and if the sub-lord of 7th is not deposited in constellation of Mars or Venus or Saturn, occupying one of the signs belonging to Mars or Venus or Saturn, the girl will be virgin. Who survives whom?

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According to ancient astrology, malefic in 8 are evil. Benefic in 2 wards off the evil. If there is no benefic aspect to the 8th house; but there is a malefic in 8, the person survives the partner. This rule fails. But correct results can be had, if the sub lord of the 7th cusp occupies a dual sign and it happens to be the significator of markasthana and bhadhakasthana, wife passes away earlier.

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