Zircon ring astrology

Another reason is that Diamond is very rarely free of inclusions Flawless and commonly has dark inclusions which are not considered positive for good astrological results.

The Fingers and the Basic Elements

Astrological stones are popularly worn in the weight range of 4 carat to 7 carat. The Cost of one carat Diamond itself may run into several Lakhs.

Left vs. Right Hand

Zircon is a Natural Stone, formed in Nature over millions of Years. Astrology endorses and recognizes the power of Natural stones only. Man made stones like Cubic Zirconia are only meant for Jewellery Purpose and has no place in astrology. CZ is only a look alike of Zircon.

White Zircon Ring

Natural Zircon is rare and it is available in Nature in limited quantity. Therefore Zircon is more expensive than Cubic Zirconia. On the other Hand, Cubic Zirconia is produced in Factories on large-scale and hence very inexpensive. Select Currency INR. Home Natural Gemstones White Zircon. Real email address is required to social networks.

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  7. First Name. Hindu poets tell of the Kalpavriksha Tree, the tree of miracles capable of granting all wishes, which was a lustrous, resplendent tree covered with gemstones as fruits with leaves of zircon.

    Gemological Properties of Zircon Gemstone

    Since it represents the planet of Beauty and Luxury- Venus it is a good gemstone for getting financial luck and wealth. The person wearing a White Zircon stone rings gets the Venusian Powers of attraction.

    Zircon Stone or Ratna By Gurudev Gd Vashist

    It is a very good crystal for marital life. It makes it wearer attractive and popular. Salient features of this lot are:. Top Flawless White Shade. Thank you for submitting your information. Our Associate will get back shortly.