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I love showering my friends, my family, my favorite people with love. So I was like, maybe there is something to the pattern recognition of astrology, to which signs really do attract each other and inspire each other. I felt like all my Aquarian friends at the time — and I was also dating an Aquarius, my best friend Lara is an Aquarius, my mom is an Aquarius. Nothing really bothers them; they move through things really quickly. And they just were really powerful women. I love women who step in fully to their power.

I think every sign has a version of that, but for me it was definitely the Aquarian women in my life who inspired my entry point into astrology. Okay so right on the cusp! So what does your sign mean to you as a person and as an artist? My Pisces-ness is something that informs my art and my love and my personality daily. But it manifests as a tension in my belly and I feel it. I think it also allows me to be a good empath, I really do try my best to know where others are coming from.

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For me, astrology is about pattern recognition and empathy generation. And I love that because it allows me to make someone feel understood. It makes someone feel seen. As an artist who is in a different city almost every other day, it allows me to make the unfamiliar become familiar. I think the duality of depths.

And I wanted to build and construct a soundtrack to this movement. And so in that way I think my Pisces-ness is really present on the record. So when I do sessions with Virgos or Capricorns, I actually leave with either the song done or most of it done. When I work with other, more creative signs, we have really cool ideas but sometimes the project file sits on my computer for months on end. Each of the signs has so many things to offer and also so many things to work on.

She just does whatever she wants and I love it. Because people are jealous of that sense of power. But jealousy is a wasted emotion. They might be jealous of a Gemini because a Gemini is powerful and does whatever they want. I want to do whatever I want. I want to be brave enough to quit this job and pursue what makes me happy! Everyone can be inspired by everyone. And this is something I wanted to add to the article, which is that each person, and each sign, experiences all of the other signs really differently.

And how we interact, and which parts of our humanity can interact.

1. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

For those sessions I make sure I show up on time. And I know that if I show them that side of myself, I will get the most out the experience, and they will walk away thinking I am professional.

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But with an Aquarius or a fellow Pisces or a Capricorn, we can bond for days before we even make something, but that bonding period is vital to the quality of the work. That interactions are fluid, and you have the ability to shape interactions.

17 Signs You Have Low Emotional Intelligence

To want something to be mutually valuable. I think there is such a thing as toxic femininity, with emotional manipulation. And Nina Simone. Astrological analyses are generally diverse - according to the sign position of the Moon, the house position in the horoscope, or aspects of other planets and other details. I will give more details on the sign and house positions. Note that the Moon is not isolated and always interacts with the other planets, which may alter the meaning to some extent.

Combine the information about the sign and house positions - for example, the Moon is in Virgo and the third house. Remember that the sign position is more of a psychological component and the house position reflects actual circumstances and life events. Sometimes, combinations of sign and house positions are quite difficult.

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For example, in a combination when the Moon is in Aries and falls in the fourth house, there will be a lot of difficulties. Such people tend to be small tyrants who like to always be first, and subject their family and relatives to constant changes and conflicts. And, at the same time, they seek to build a home and family, enjoy peace and tranquillity, and maintain a family type of relationship intimate and emotional with colleagues and friends. You feel in the right place when you can tailor the outside world and people according to your own desires.

Your personal significance should be unconditional and, therefore, you strive for activities and circumstances in which you always prove that you are "top of the class". Everyone around you should deal with you - this is the most important thing. Your mind is constantly searching for something to conquer, for ways to gain distinction and receive "gold medals". You instinctively strive for activities, people and circumstances that offer you critical and extreme events.

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  • Even if these are painful - it is more important that you are not bored. You like starting new things - the starting point is your favourite place. You like a dynamic lifestyle, in which everything happens immediately, but in your way and at your own pace. You feel in the right place when there are plenty of material resources around you - money, food, clothing, furniture and all kinds of belongings.

    Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

    Even if time stopped, nothing would change. You seek to be surrounded by security and reliability. Your mind is focused on how to accumulate wealth in every sense - money, clothes, property, family and people who support you. Big houses, luxury furniture, bank accounts, land, various physical pleasures that caress the senses - these are the things that you think about. You feel in the right place when dealing with them.

    You instinctively strive for activities, people and circumstances that are directed towards the material side of life or would hardly ever change over time.

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    Traditions are your favourite principle, and you look for them in everything around you. The Best of GRReporter.

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