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His new analysis of Soma is practical, comprehensive and deeply insightful so that you can bring the secret power of Soma to all aspects of your life and to the world as a whole. Product Tags Add Your Tags:. Agarwal Ph. Christensen, Dr. Dalai Lama Dalal, Dr. Diamond, Nina L. Doherty, Meta B. Marc Harness Ph.

One Thousand Names of Soma By James Kalomiris

Edward Jell, Andreas Jelusich Ph. Keshaviah Ph. Vasant Lade, Arnie Lane Jr. Benjamin Leela, S. Lele, Dr. Marie Anakee Miller, Dr. Bryan Miller, Dr. It is only in these two forms that Soma could be ingested or consumed Wasson In the form of an entheogenic plant or similar substance, Soma was used, primarily, if not always, by Brahmin priests as a state-altering substance that allowed themselves to be intimately connected with the gods during Vedic rituals.


Soma, therefore, offered sustenance and energy to the devas and ecstasy to the Brahmins. Through this view, Brahmin priests and Soma were equated as being the center of all Vedic religious experience. As mentioned above, Soma played an extremely important role in Vedic rituals.

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  • Soma has also been compared to and equated with many Vedic deities. For example, the Vedic deity Indra lord of the thunderbolt was the most popular of the Vedic deities and was known to be the ultimate consumer of large amounts of Soma Fowler Many poets of the RgVeda compare Soma directly with Surya sun-god and his mythological horses, hari.

    Also, Soma has an intimately close connection with Agni fire-god because of the equality that is drawn between its inebriating qualities and the subtlety of flames, respectively Wasson Both Soma and Agni were the major sacrifices described in the RgVeda; therefore, they were both distinctly connected in their roles regarding communication with the other Vedic deities.

    Through the close connection and comparison between itself and devas, Soma had a very influential role in developing and sustaining the Vedic tradition.

    Soma Vedic Astrology

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