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All Vedic astrology software programs calculate this along with other alternate Lagnas.

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The BL may be ahead of or behind the JL, and they can be several houses apart, but usually they are in the same house. Renowned Vedic astrologer Pt.

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Some astrologers have conjectured that if the BL is in a house apart from the JL, the deeper purpose of life and the sense of self may not correspond to what is shown by the JL, but this is quite subjective and I have not been able to find a consistent thread to be able to say this is always true. In some cases it seems to be true, and related to this incongruence there often can be some deep ongoing struggle to adapt and adjust oneself to the circumstances of life.

However, many who have the JL and BL aligned also experience similar struggles, so a great deal more research is needed. Aspects and conjunctions of grahas and arudha padas with the BL, along with its house, sign, nakshatra and dispositor placements, can add additional flavor to chart analysis.

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One of the greatest and most famous and superficially successful psychic astrologers of all time was Jeane Dixon, whose chart has Taurus JL worldly success and renown , but the BL is Pisces 11H where Ketu is also located, and this reflects her immense prophetic ability which she always attributed to God, which was the foundation of her worldly success, as well. However, his inner nature is governed by a BL in Leo, Magha nakshatra, which though in the 12H is still a powerful nakshatra which relates to dominion and power.

Also it is interesting that Leo holds the 3P and 10P arudha padas of the third and tenth houses indicating his career in sports. A client of mine has Leo JL with Pluto, and many see him as having a powerful and outgoing persona, but in actuality he is within himself quite reserved and an introvert, having BL in Cancer 12H. He has had many struggles with his self-image throughout life. She is often misunderstood by others, as well; that is, she is perceived in a very different light from the way she sees herself.

Charts not shown I have several charts of clients who struggle with serious mental illness, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. One with unremitting schizophrenia has Virgo JL with fairly strong and auspicious chart lord Mercury, but the BL is Libra ruled by a very weak Venus in a planetary war with Jupiter. Many new speakers who get the first opportunity to present their knowledge after years of studying Vedic Astrology. Great knowledge is shared and fresh outlooks to Vedic Astrology makes it great conference to attend.

Komala Raveendra, P. Vidyalatha Devi, P Bhanu Prasad. Check in on 29 January and check out on 6 February. Breakfast on 6 February. Temple tour starts from 6 February from Tirupati. There will be free transfer from Chennai to Tirupati on 29 Jan You may need an overnight hotel in Chennai and transfer from airport to hotel.

This can be done through the India travel agent ask Komilla or you can book online. You can also fly directly to Tirupati via Hyderabad and Bangalore. You will need to book a transfer from the airport to the hotel. His Center offers to individuals, organizations, and businesses Vedic yagyas sacred ceremonies , homams ancient fire ceremonies , and pujas as prescribed in the Vedas and Shastras, the holy Indian scriptures. By utilizing the sound vibrations of specific Sanskrit mantras, these performances can help alleviate many problems of our modern times.

Jupiter Saturn conjunction happens every 18 to 20 years. It is a significant time for society and for generations. Next Jupiter Saturn conjunction happens on December 22, at 6 degrees Capricorn, where Jupiter is debilitated, Saturn is in his own sign and both aspected by exalted Rahu in Taurus. By looking at what happened in the past conjunctions, we can try to decipher what are the possibilities for the next conjunction.

Tithi or Lunar day represents auspiciousness and we need to understand the birth and the transit tithi The birth tithi is the lunar birthday and repeats 12 times a year. There are many key aspects of tithi that need to be studied. Tithi has an important role to play in relationships too. The ruler of a tithi is Venus and it represents the water element. Then there is the underlying influence of the sub-elements especially the fire and water tithi.

Our JASA authors are the best in the world! Right from the inception of JASA, we had the tremendous support of many stalwarts in the field of stellar astrology, professional astrologers, astrology researchers as well as serious students of astrology. Each one of our authors have given their best and fullest cooperation to JASA since the last 5 years and have pledged their unflinching faith and support towards JASA. We feel truly blessed that JASA has the best collection of authors in stellar astrology. P Ezine, Astrovison etc. Experience of Astrology with self study of various books and journals and not had any Tutorship under any Guru.

Activley participated in discussions of K. Email: kadavasalramani gmail. Yogesh Rao Lajmi. The author is a senior KP practitioner based in Mumbai. Email: yogeshlajmi yahoo. Nayan Mukhopadhyay. Presently the author is working as a Senior Research Analyst in Deloitte. Email: astronayan gmail. Nicky Modi. Email: modinicky yahoo. Sunil Gondhalekar. Sri Sunil Gondhalekar is the inventor of 4 Step Theory. He developed this theory in after many years of painstaking research.

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Sri Gondhalekar is a mechanical engineering diploma holder, who has also studied KP technique from and is the winner of many awards and titles. Email: sunilalaka yahoo. Raghunath Rao Nemani. Ramadas Rao, Pt. Dakshinamoorthi and Madhubabu Prakhya. P and Nadi based Prashna methods to answer questions. Basilioli Sandro Vediko. He is very interested in research in astrology using both ancient and novel astrological methods. Practices art since and is also involved in making research in the unknown mysteries of human history. Email vediko libero. Vijay Kumar. Besides teaching Parasharic and Jaimini astrology at ICAS, Bangalore for over a decade and contributing to The Astrological Magazine in Jaimini theme since a decade till its closure in , the author has special interest in The Krishnamurti Paddhati and is a serious research student of this subject.

He is in Mining profession for the past 30 years. His academic track record includes his successful pursuits MA in Astrology, M. N V RA Raja had been interested in the phenomenon of occult right from the very beginning. He had the fortune of guidance of his father Sri N V Raghava Chary Meena 2 who did 60 years of research jyothisa particularly in Stellar. R G Row. He was drawn to occultism and gradually destined towards the astrology.

He has many tittles of honor and publication to his credit in the field of astrology.

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He has a flair for teaching, counseling the people in the astrology. Email: astroraja gmail. Jyothida Thendral Mrs. She had participated in many Astro conferences and seminars and delivered talk on importance of stellar astrology. She had contributed number of articles in Tamil astrology magazines. She is a keen follower of Naadi Jyothisa of Meena2 system and also disciple of Dr.

Email: barurvijayalakshmi gmail. Aside from his engineering he is a computer programmer and astrologer too. The author learned astrology from K. E-mail address: rp. Subhash Ektare. Author is a retired Civil Engineer by profession. He is well known KP Astrologer practicing for last 10 years.

He contributes astrological articles for Astrovision e-magazine also. He is an active member of many astrological discussion groups. Rajendra Nimje, IAS. Sarma of Warangal—a direct disciple of K. Currently he is working as the Executive Director of a large multinational company. Email: rajendranimje yahoo. The author is a senior KP astrologer based in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh providing excellent astrological consultancy.

He has authored numerous articles in the prestigious KP Yearbook published annually. Email: vsnm. Kausik Roy. The author is also practicing KP astrology and is interested in research on KP astrology.


Email:- kausik. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the year and has been in continuous practice ever since. He has considerable experience in handling company as well as bank audits. He is also a qualified Information Systems Auditor. He developed interest in Astrology by reading the works of Dr. He learnt Astrology in a formal way under Prof. Seshadrinatha Sastri , a renowned authority on Jyothisa and Ayurveda.

For his thesis on Medical Astrology, he was awarded Ph.