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Horoscope Orb sets the amount of degrees to allow for an aspect to be shown in the daily and monnthly horoscope. The SmartOrb setting alters the power of the aspect orbs depending on the planet and aspect. Sun,Moon,Ascendant and Saturn are given wider orbs and sextile,trines and minor aspects given less power with a smaller orb.

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This is relative to the orb value provided. You need to save a birth profile in order to do the birth charts and horoscopes. It is important to know your exact date AND time of birth otherwise some of the aspects will be incorrect. Please include a name to save to and ensure you click on a place in the list when you type your birth location or you may have problems.

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If your town is not in the list please contact us to let us know and choose a bigger town within 30 miles. After saving a user, select a chart type or horoscope to view. You can add as many users as you like. You can also modify the details after clicking on a user and changing their data making sure you click save. In order to do a relationship compatibility report you need to click on the heart of the two people you wish to do the report for.

If you are having issues try hitting F5 to refresh the site. Please contact us via facebook to report problems. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your ongoing support! The birth chart is an analysis of the planets at your birth, this includes each planets zodiac sign and house it is in. Aspects between planets occur when certain angles are made. The birth orb from the settings menu decides how much lenience the aspect would have. The birth chart represents a psychological map of what tools and challenges an individual may have. The planets around the outer wheel represent the current planets positions, please see the daily horoscope or monthly horoscope to see how they interact.

The relationship horoscope report uses birth planetary positions and compares both individuals positions in order to determine compatibility. The relationship orb from the settings menu decides how much lenience the aspect would have. The Daily Horoscope uses current planetary transits to determine effects on your opportunities and your psyche based on your birth details.

The planets location based on the transit date focuses on daily aspects and planet positions based on your birth details. The most prominent daily aspect is the moon as it moves quite fast through the zodiac. Other aspects are shown are the sun, venus and mars as they are faster moving planets. The Monthly Horoscope uses current planetary transits to determine effects on your opportunities and your psyche based on your birth details. The planets location based on the transit date focuses on monthly aspects and planet positions. Some of the other aspects shown are very long term based on the slower moving planets such as Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and Pluto.

Home Transit Aspects Astromatrix. Download App. Transits of the Planet Mars: Click on an aspect below to read more. Jupiter Conjunct Natal Venus. Jupiter Opposition Natal Venus. Jupiter Sextile Natal Venus. Jupiter Square Natal Venus.

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Jupiter Trine Natal Venus. Mars Conjunct Natal Venus. Mars Opposition Natal Venus. Mars Sextile Natal Venus. Mars Square Natal Venus. Mars Trine Natal Venus. Mercury Conjunct Natal Venus. Mercury Opposition Natal Venus. Mercury Sesquiquadrate Natal Venus. Mercury Sextile Natal Venus.

Mercury Square Natal Venus.

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Mercury Trine Natal Venus. Moon Conjunct Natal Venus. Moon Inconjunct Natal Venus. Moon Opposition Natal Venus. Moon Sesquiquadrate Natal Venus. Moon Sextile Natal Venus. Moon Square Natal Venus. Moon Trine Natal Venus. Neptune Conjunct Natal Venus. Neptune Opposition Natal Venus.

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Neptune Sextile Natal Venus. Neptune Square Natal Venus. Neptune Trine Natal Venus. Pluto Conjunct Natal Venus. Pluto Opposition Natal Venus. Pluto Sextile Natal Venus. Pluto Square Natal Venus. Pluto Trine Natal Venus. Saturn Conjunct Natal Venus. Saturn Opposition Natal Venus. Saturn Sextile Natal Venus. Saturn Square Natal Venus. Saturn Trine Natal Venus. Sun Conjunct Natal Venus. Sun Opposition Natal Venus. Sun Sextile Natal Venus. Sun Square Natal Venus. Sun Trine Natal Venus. Uranus Conjunct Natal Venus. Uranus Opposition Natal Venus.

This is an excellent time for making peace in domestic situations and repairing trauma. The natural thing to do as you regress to the mental state of a 3-year-old , is to want to cocoon yourself in bed. Moon in the fourth house will open up a can of psychological worms for you. Keep away from anyone that presses your infantile buttons and brats in general, as things could turn very ugly, very quickly. Avoid trolling type internet activity also, as again, you will seem to attract comments that echo your parents worst criticisms of you.

If you are lucky enough to have dream parents then go home and let them cook for you. If you work from home you will get a lot done with Mercury transiting the fourth house because you will have some trouble unchaining yourself from the desk. If on the other hand, you travel to an office, you might find it hard to drag yourself there.

The 2012 Venus Transit

That is unless the work itself concerns selling real estate or entails actual building work. This is a good time to re-decorate your office so that it is more inspiring to work in. Clear out any distracting clutter and do some cleansing rituals. At least give that coffee-stained keyboard a polish! Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are the friendly planets for this beauty, when she is pretty unhappy when paired up with Sun, Moon and Rahu.

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Dussehra, the festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil is celebrated on the 10th day of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashvin. This year, it falls on October 8. After the days of festivities and fun Navratri come to an end, Durga Visarjan is performed. It is celebrated on the last day of Navratri and the devotees bid farewell to Maa Durg On the ninth day of Navratri, Goddess Siddhidatri is worshiped.

Siddhi means meditative ability and Dhatri means giver. She is seated on a lotus and has four arms which hold a lotu