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They transitioned next into handheld electronic games, a market popularized by Mattel. Coleco produced two very popular lines of games, the "head to head" series of two player sports games, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey and the mini-arcade series of licensed video arcade titles such as Donkey Kong and Ms.

A third line of educational handhelds was also produced and included the Electronic Learning Machine, Lil Genius, Digits, and a trivia game called QuizWhiz. Coleco returned to the video game console market in with the launch of the ColecoVision. While the system was quite popular, Coleco hedged their bet on video games by introducing a line of cartridges for the Atari and Intellivision.

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They also introduced the Coleco Gemini, a clone of the popular Atari When the video game business began to implode in , it seemed clear that video game consoles were being supplanted by home computers. Coleco's strategy was to introduce the Coleco Adam home computer, both as a stand-alone system and as an expansion module to the ColecoVision.

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This effort failed, in large part because Adams were often unreliable. The Adam flopped; Coleco withdrew from electronics early in Also in , Coleco released the Cabbage Patch Kids series of dolls which were wildly successful. In , they introduced an ALF plush based on the furry alien character who had his own television series at the time, as well as a talking version and a cassette-playing " Talking Alf " doll.

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The staggering success of the dolls could not stem the tide of red ink that had begun with the launch of the Adam computer. In , the company filed for bankruptcy.

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  4. Scroll down for history, info and links. The zodiac craze was by no means limited to the US and Europe, as evidenced by the cover of this Argentinian magazine. We could do an entire article just on astrology books and only scratch the surface; there was a seemingly endless supply of this stuff.

    Scanned from my Sears Fall-Winter Catalog, featuring jeans with your choice of zodiac signs.

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    So, I think you get the picture: the zodiac was freaking everywhere in the seventies. Utagawa Kuniyoshi — Honcho musha kagami Mirror of Warriors of Our Country — Kintaro seizing Raijin the thundergod, Japan, colour woodblock print, — You can buy this and more great art here. Detail from a Smirnoff vodka advertisement.